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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Background Checks on Firearms Sale, Good or Bad

Two opposing points of common sense.  What is my position?

Do I support keeping firearms out of the hands of bad people, yes.
Do I believe the government will abuse power given to them, yes.

Because these points of common sense are in opposition to each other, I must choose a position.

I support less government control than more.  It is natural for those people, many who believe they have good intention, those who have the "dictator gene" as a part of their DNA, those who believe they know better how a free country should remain free than I...  These people say "trust me".  They say, "I will not support more control; this legislation will not lead to more legislation."  I wish I could believe and trust them, but it is not intelligent to trust people.  People make up the government.

Do I trust government, no.  The side effects of this legislation lead to more legislation.  Do I believe in the slippery slope?  Yes.  Do I believe the proponents of this current round of "common sense" want only this level of common sense?  No.  The anti-gun lobby is using incomplete and partial common sense to appeal to the general population.  The general public, less invested in the 2nd Amendment, just want problems to go away.  The less invested simply desire a fix to all evil in the world.  I, also, desire all the worlds problems to go away.  The problems do not go away.  Bad people exist in this world.  Bad countries exist; bad religions exist.

Do not let the emotional approach of appealing to your common sense prevent you from applying all of your common sense to arrive at your personal decision.  I have made my decision.

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