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Sunday, April 21, 2013

What to do with Dzokhar Tsarnaev

This is a question going around and here is my opinion.

First and foremost, he is a citizen of the United States.  Yes, sorry, I still value that status and wear the label proudly.  We made him a citizen; we all shoulder the burden and responsibility of his status.  With his status come rights.

What do we do with terrible horrible criminals in the USA?  We treat them as we treat any other bad person in the USA that is a citizen criminal..  From all accounts, I think this guy is one bad dude.  He should, if found guilty, receive the maximum penalty under the law.  Remember, we are still in the USA and as such I always thought the courts, judge and, if applicable jury, made the determination.

We, in the USA, also have this Freedom of Speech concept.  I find it interesting the media has appointed themselves the judge, jury and court system.  I'm disturbed at how easily they are willing to sacrifice the rights of US citizens when they, in the media, determine it to be an acceptable practice.  I'm disturbed that a US citizen that ends up being a horrible criminal can be labeled an 'enemy combatant' and loose their rights as a US citizen.  If this guy is found guilty, he is a criminal, our criminal.  If there is a connections to radical groups, let us go after them, also.  The media is acting like a lynch mob from the Old West, not pretty.

We cannot try to shift the blame to others.  He's one of us, a US citizen.  If he's found guilty, then we made a  huge mistake allowing him to become a US Citizen.  Hey, looking into the past always provides a better picture.  We made him a citizen looking forward not knowing he might now be the criminal we suspect him to be.  Do I agree with all the policies that brought him here and enabled his citizenship?  Answer = No, but that is an additional topic not related to this discussion.

I find it interesting that there is discussion around federal vs. Massachusetts law and the death penalty.  Apparently, the state of Massachusetts doesn't have the value system to have the death penalty be legal in their state, but think the federal government should prosecute this case and put this guy to death.

Just my opinion, this seems to be a state issue.  He should be judged under the laws of Massachusetts.  Maybe Massachusetts should have to pay for the next 70 years for this criminal, if found guilty.  Maybe Massachusetts will grow up and realize that people should be put to death for horrible crimes and not expect others to do their work for them.

A final comment, I hope there is a huge increase in gun sales in Massachusetts and that people realize that they have the right to protect themselves.  I saw a bunch of people thinking the military and police were protecting them when in reality the residents of the area were the first on the scene and needed the ability to protect themselves and their families.

I hope this suspect is the one.  I hope the criminal is brought to justice and receives the maximum penalty.  I hope there is not a connection to a deeper network of terror.  I will remain hopeful, hope for the best; as a country we need to prepare for the worst, without going crazy and stripping US citizens of their rights.  To quote a t-shirt now on the market, "don't drone me, bro" for expressing my opinion.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Background Checks on Firearms Sale, Good or Bad

Two opposing points of common sense.  What is my position?

Do I support keeping firearms out of the hands of bad people, yes.
Do I believe the government will abuse power given to them, yes.

Because these points of common sense are in opposition to each other, I must choose a position.

I support less government control than more.  It is natural for those people, many who believe they have good intention, those who have the "dictator gene" as a part of their DNA, those who believe they know better how a free country should remain free than I...  These people say "trust me".  They say, "I will not support more control; this legislation will not lead to more legislation."  I wish I could believe and trust them, but it is not intelligent to trust people.  People make up the government.

Do I trust government, no.  The side effects of this legislation lead to more legislation.  Do I believe in the slippery slope?  Yes.  Do I believe the proponents of this current round of "common sense" want only this level of common sense?  No.  The anti-gun lobby is using incomplete and partial common sense to appeal to the general population.  The general public, less invested in the 2nd Amendment, just want problems to go away.  The less invested simply desire a fix to all evil in the world.  I, also, desire all the worlds problems to go away.  The problems do not go away.  Bad people exist in this world.  Bad countries exist; bad religions exist.

Do not let the emotional approach of appealing to your common sense prevent you from applying all of your common sense to arrive at your personal decision.  I have made my decision.