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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman

Several folks have asked me my opinion on this subject. Here they are.

Death is a horrible tragedy. I'm sorry Trayvon Martin is dead.

The political three ring circus is a sad commentary and drawing in the premier clowns of our generation. You know who you are.

But let's get to the real reason people ask my opinion. I'm a firearms instructor and strong advocate for our 2nd Amendment rights. I'm not a lawyer.

I will not offer an opinion as to innocence or guilt. How could I? Only the media and politicians are smart enough to pre-judge. Since I believe in the constitution, I'll let the judge and jury do their job.

I'm still beating around the bush. So here is my advice. Do not join a Neighborhood Watch, carry a gun and pursue. You are asking for trouble. If you want to join a Neighborhood Watch, carry a cell phone. If you see something suspicious, call the professionals who are licensed and trained to deal with criminals, the police. Then WALK AWAY.

This isn't a matter of right to carry; 2nd Amendment rights or firearms freedom. It is a matter of understanding your environment and acting appropriately. Your environment is litigious, full of people who don't respect your right to own and carry and people looking for every opportunity to brand legitimate gun owners as crazy people.

If you want to be a cop, do it. There is no room for pretend police. You don't have the authority and support they have. No matter how good the shoot, even the police are subject to rigorous scrutiny, second guessing and public ridicule. Our police deserve respect for going in harms way daily.

Stand your ground is quicksand. The morons out there are attacking it. Do a google search and study a bit. I believe in the stand your ground laws. You should not have to "run for the wall" before protecting yourself. At the same time, you cannot provoke an incident, then stand your ground and claim self defense. wikipedia

No matter how the Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman case ends, there are no winners. Martin is dead and Zimmerman's life is forever damaged. The only winners are the media and clowns.

DO NOT join a Neighborhood Watch group and carry a gun.

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